C.L's Bio:  

C.L is a former Muslim convert, who lived the life of a strict Quran following Sunni Muslim. He began his Islamic journey with the Jamaat Tabligh and  later began to study Salafi Islam. After a decade of being Muslim he felt he could no longer ignore the many issues he saw in Islamic ideology and Muslim culture. At first he attempted to address these issues with fellow Muslims, but was met with major opposition.  Facing the choice of remaining silent and being a good Muslim or being real with himself and facing his doubts, he chose the later. 

C.L began to think deeply about these issues and about the person of Jesus Christ(Yesu al Masih), soon Jesus became more and more attractive to him and Islam become less attractive.  He came to the point were in reality in his heart he was no longer Muslim and  believed in al Masih with all his mind and heart. The only thing left was to go public with with his new beliefs. One day he got down on his knees and confessed that Jesus was Lord on December 11th 2010(The same date he took the Shahadah 10 years earlier), He repented of all the things he felt were blasphemies that he had uttered about Jesus. Finally he found spiritual rest putting full trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ. 

  Since that time he felt a burden to witness for Christ's glory and honor, doors opened for him to do that after a video he did on You tube and meeting Christian Apologists like David Wood.  He has been able to appear on ABN's Jesus or Muhammad numerous times, and work with The Center for Religious Debate. C.L is currently attending Bible college pursuing a BA in Biblical Studies, his other future plans include the desire to hold the offer of a Church Elder and expanding Christian outreach efforts to Muslim's in southeast Michigan and beyond.


Pastor/Elder Emery Moss Jr of Strictly Biblical Bible teaching ministries, I am a former member of his church.  I currently attended Harvest Bible Church, Dan McGee is the head Elder, he is fully aware and supports me doing apologetics.